Tourism destinations: the most incredible places in the world

The world is made up of places that are not far from perfection. There are places you would certainly not imagine being on earth. Some marvelous places you should absolutely visit. Where have you planned to go for summer vacation ? Here are some beautiful that we've compiled for you. From Europe to Asia through Africa, let's discover some paradises on earth.

The city of Istanbul

There's no doubt at all. In Turkey, there is a wonderful city that you will love. It is the city of Istanbul. This Turkish city is known for its cosmopolitan character. The city has a mixture of European, Middle Eastern and Asian styles in places.

The city is sometimes appreciated for its unifying character of many cultures as mentioned above. Istanbul stands out for its hospitality, which is matched only by the quality of the textiles on offer.

Cambodia : a warm land

Like the Turkish city of Istanbul, the people of Cambodia are very interested in a warm welcome.  It is noticeable that the locals are warm and treat foreigners with respect and consideration. With a smile on their faces, they often take care to be courteous.

Apart from this aspect, Cambodia has many interesting tourist sites. The temple of Angkor is a spiritual and touristic jewel and is a real treat for the eyes. You will feel carried away in an environment where the magical seems close to the usual reality of mortals.

South Africa

Among the incredible destinations on our list is the South African state, which was recently named the most beautiful country by BuzzFeed. This world-class accolade is rooted in the cultural and natural riches that identify the country with its peers. In addition, South Africa has a very popular history with some very touching moments.

Beyond these destinations, there are many others that will move you.