Impact of COVID-19 on international tourism

The COVID-19 health crisis has had a significant impact on several areas of activity. Activities are slowing down due to the changes the virus has lead in our daily living conditions. Like all sectors, tourism is also very much affected by the prevailing situation. Let's find out here what the impacts are on the tourism sector.

A very worrying assessment

Following certain analyses, it was found that this new global health crisis has had serious negative consequences for the tourism sector. Indeed, since the advent of the virus, there has been a drastic drop in rates. The number of tourists travelling has decreased significantly, and this is explained by the restrictive conditions put in place such as the strict confinement. The lockdown measure has a positive impact on pandemic's regression, but the situation got worse in various tourist countries. It must be acknowledged that there have been very important periods for the tourism sector when the COVID-19 has changed the habits that we were witnessing. As an illustration, last summer there was less travel. This is a very important period for making figures in countries with an economy largely based on tourism.

The dual responsibility of governments

The reality of COVID-19 is not an illusion. Therefore, many more measures should be taken to secure the health of every countries' people. At the same time, conditions should be devised that would allow workers to earn a living wage. In order to do this, it is important that there is cooperation to avoid unnecessary tensions. If possible, an adequate option should also be found to enable workers, especially in developing countries, to find work for their citizens. Unfortunately, bad news are increasing with the resurgence of the virus and new variants located. Many countries have been reconfined again. We are farther and farther from a normal resurgence of tourist activities.